Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

When the world hates you

When the world hates you

Darling make no mistake to try to change that

For the world reacts with hate to something they don’t understand

And that something within you is not what you should be sorry about.

Society and their rules, society and their constructs.

Society is me and you

Daily trading validation and acceptance with our comfort.

Everyone lives in hypocrisy. Everyone has lies on their lips And secrets up their sleeves.

Those who scrunch their noses and spit on things they despise

Are the one who do worse behind closed doors.

So darling, live and let live

Break free from the limitations of society

Seek and do what truly makes you happy

Wear lipstick, let your hair down and run barefoot on the field

In a world where everyone tries to mask their vulnerabilities

Don’t be afraid to be seen naked

For the only one you are made to please, already loves you with all your defects.

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