Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Typical You, Typical Me

I won’t let you win twice
I swear on my unborn children, I won’t!
You succeeded in clouding my thoughts
How sad, you are all I think about.

The way your eyes held my soul and whispered forever
The way your lips never left mine in french melodies
The way your hands electrocuted every inch of me
The way you quenched the thirst between my legs. How you rode me like your existence depended on it
I can’t think of anything else

This once you succeeded, you’ve won!
But you won’t succeed the second time.
Success won’t gift you herself in your attempt to break me
Neither will she aid you in your theft of the faith I have in love
Oh you shallow minded soul!
You can cloud my thoughts but you can’t change my heart…nor my belief
You can’t! You can’t! I repeat you can’t!

Blame me all you want for leaving you
Typical! You’ve never been one to fault your faults
Hear this and hear it well
I’ll find love again…I’ll search for her and I’ll find her
I won’t get tired, I promise you
Beneath the rocks, I’ll search for her
In the depth of the sea, her, will I sought after
In the dark clouds, I’ll look for her
And I swear to you I’ll find her
Only then will you be a sore loser
For not only did you not steal my belief in her
But she’ll erase you from my memory,

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