The story of a far away land

Out in the shining sun
Life valued but as a penny in the hand of a king,
Too much for some yet too little for many
From the crumbs of the king the children eat.

Shame had no place there
For no one knew of them,
Run and hide for they come
Lawlessness is their law

The darkness of the sky
Signified by the man in the moon
To their homes they go
To rest their heads.

The sound of the cock must not meet them asleep
For by then their market is gone,
The little penny gathered
Looted by the leaders
Carted away by those who have enough,

Enough to get by each day
Enough to feed themselves
Enough for their children.

But leaving nothing for those who have nothing
Children dying of starvation,
Parents toiling day and night,
Bones showing through skins,
Like the fleshes on the leaders

The story of a far away land.

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