The past, the present and the future

Oh great country Nigeria
A country where everyone had enough
Enough to get by each day
Where in the economy so buoyant
A great country on its way
Moving from developing almost developed,
Hit by a stroke to begin over again.

Oh great country Nigeria
A great wave was hit
Back to the beginning after the whites left
Corruption and selfishness
The wave that hit
Now people sleep hungry
Emigrating from the country
That could feed more than just itself before
Leaders hungry for power, thirsty for money
With the campaign “fighting corruption” by corrupt individuals
Votes being bought
Children abducted some never to be seen again

Oh great country Nigeria
A great future I see
Where in corruption has come to cease
A country so peaceful not case of wars
Abductors all fled cause of strong security
With her economy booming
And exporting more things
Jobs everywhere no crime in sight
People happy with more than enough to share

Oh great country Nigeria
A nation of pride
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity
Where in everyone comes together to build a great nation
Though tribes and tounges differ
In brotherhood we do still stand
Where in our flag stands as a symbol
That truth and justice can reign
Where in we can pass unto our children a banner without stain.

Oh great country Nigeria
A great country indeed
The giants of Africa
A home of peace and joy to come

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