But when will I find love?
When will I give credence to something true as this heart
As much as I am, sanguine of mine?
When will this, fluttering me
Discern this ardor that bears so many smiles?
When will I pull this hand
And tour miles with my head up high?

When will we knock around all night
Mocking, caressing, ogling and loving?
They say you know the one
The minute you cross paths
I say I have met a thousand ONEs

Tall, dark, rich and handsome
Varieties in every sense
Those who made me laugh and those who made me shy
I’ve been with them all
I was sure each was THE ONE
When will I find love?

The fool who cheated
The idiot who bored me
The bastard who hit me
I was sure each was THE ONE
When, just when, will I finally find love?

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