Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

That Night (Episode 3)

The food tasted as delicious as it looked, I thanked him for it and started eating. He watched me as I ate, and I could feel his eyes on my lips. I became self conscious, should I have turned down the food? Who was I kidding?, I was very hungry.

“I know this is off, I should have asked sooner, but what’s you name”. I asked to break the ice. He flashed a grin and then laughed. But that laughter didn’t seem genuine. “I’m Kareem” “Nice” I stated, ignoring his ghoulish stare.

After we ate, I cleared the plates and got set to wash them like the good child I was. I was washing, thinking of how my day had been when I felt his warm breath on my neck. He had snuck up on me. I kept my calm and ignored till his hands started traveling round my waist. Then he began to plant soft kisses down my neck. I felt a rush of awful desire.

“Stop” I muttered. He pretended not to have heard me and then his hands started toying with my waist beads. He pulled closer to me, I could feel the hardness of his penis rubbing up on my butt. It felt dirty and disgusting, i didn’t want it.

“Stop it” I snapped, dropping a plate. It shattered with a disturbing noise. I couldn’t tell if it was the plate i broke or the “no” I said that made his eyes turn blood red. He held my arms tightly and spat to my face. “Why are you acting like a bitch!”

It took me a few seconds to realize that Mr. gentleman has lost his charm. “I don’t want to have sex with you” I smiled, masking my feelings. Last thing i wanted was things to get violent. I don’t ever want to be a victim of rape. Hence, had to play to his gallery.

“I’m sorry for the plate, I can be so clumsy” I said as I stooped to pick the pieces. “Leave it” he bellowed. “Wassup with this guy, I thought” couldn’t he take rejection? If only I knew, that was the least of his flaws.

As I stood back up, he gave me a spank on my ass. I felt insulted and I did the worse mistake to yell at him “What in the world is wrong with you, my no is no, yes I appreciate your kind gestures and everything but I don’t want to fuck you bro, you’re not my type….understand?”.

He stood still for a moment, I thought I had brought him back to his senses. I was wrong. As I turned back to rinse my hands from the soapy water, Kareem held my mouth so tight and started dragging me to his room.

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