Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Six Reckless Kids

Rum pum pum pum

The rhyme goes

Fa La La La

The rhyme flows

We sing together

Peter with the drums

Our eyes shine brighter

The melody gives us joy.

Out in the moonlight,

Surrounding the camp fire amidst us.

We clap to the rhythm,

As we all take the chorus.

We are half a dozen in number

But we were reduced to one by the events that happened later.

The camp trip was one to remember

Our love for musicals made us wander far.

If we had heeded to the words of the camp director

Maybe we would have been back to camp in time.

Maybe a snake wouldn’t had bitten Peter

Maybe Sheila wouldn’t be so scared

To try to run, slip and break her leg.

Maybe the twin girls shouldn’t have drank so much that they were unaware of the chaos and ran blindly into the fire.

Maybe, the lead singer wouldn’t have screamed on the top of her lungs that caused her a panic attack.

Maybe I would have helped my friends and not run out on them.

And maybe if I hadn’t missed my way, on my call for help

I could have still had my friends till this day.

Humm hummmm hummmmmmm

The songs of mourners filled my ears

I was brought to tears standing in front of my friends grave.

With other friends, and sorrowful parents .

I couldn’t take it no more and was about to leave

When someone called my name and I woke up. It was just a dream

Standing at the door, was my mum holding a flier for a camp trip.

With alarm and fear, I told her about my dream of six reckless kids.

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