Phoenix- Prologue

Darkness had befallen the city, the streets which usually bubbled with activities during the day were once again deserted. The people of Metroville were safely tucked into their bed sheets, in the comforts of their cozy homes—away from the dangers the city held at night.

The street lights continued to flicker ominously as the piercing silence made the roars of the moving winds to echo through the night, the white lady on the billboard that read ‘welcome to Boston’ had her teeth shining brightly in a manner which would have been less menacing in the daylight.

The moon casted rays of light across the street, which in turn, caused the trees to take beastly forms in the shadows. A lone shadowed figure was crouched in a sitting position on a narrow path, the figure turned sideways and green slanted predatory eyes shone in the dark, the creature shrieked loudly and galloped into the night—a cat, I suppose.

Down the dark alleyways of Boston Street, across the houses, parks and
cafes, further into the woods, a large secluded house stood in the middle of the forest. With the aid of the moonlight, one could make out the outlines of an ancient house.

The inside of the house was equally as dark as the outside. Resounding
footsteps clip-clopped up the stairway as a dark figure strode up the stairs in slow measured steps.

At the top of the stairs, the tall window casted rays of moonlight on the obscured figure, and the blue-ish light immediately unveiled a slender woman in a camouflaged attire of a long black coat, black stockings and black stiletto heels. Her hair was held up in a tight bun, as her blue eyes found a white door at the end of the corridor, she walked down to the locked door and reached out to unlock it, she placed her bare hand on the handle—her fingers instantly wrapping around the steel handle—and she pushed the door open.

“Mummy!” the feminine voice of a child echoed through the house.


-Durojaiye Feranmi (Queen Esther)

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