Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Outshine the darkness

In this generation, being stupid or controversial is your one way ticket to fame. In this generation, cheating is cool, rape is justified, cases of money ritual is entertaining news, distrust means being woke and those who keep their cool are seen as stupid. In this generation, most news are fake news and this is no news at all. In this generation, where things are gradually falling apart, will you be able to stand?

Moral decency is regarded “old skool”. Things we used to frown upon, sadly now the new way. To disown hypocrisy, I mean no disrespect when I say, We all need brain reset. We need to go back to the drawing board and reconsider our values. We need to set our priorities right again. Let’s ask ourselves these questions; What really matters? What is really worth my time?

The creator of the universe has gifted us with choice and freewill. So hence, every thing you do, say or think, it’s your choice. All I can says let’s strive to make better choices. Choices that won’t cause hurt to our fellowman. Choices that will uplift us as human beings. Never forget that choices begets consequences. Good brings good, bad brings bad.

Let’s go back to our root and not forget whose source we came from. There is so much evil in the world, but let’s be an exception because, no matter how dim a light is, it will always chase out darkness. Aspire to be better and always give the world the best of you.

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