Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

No title, Know Content.

Hey, here’s a fun fact about me, I love food. You can call me a foodie. Well this may sound surprising to those who knows about my hypoglycemia days. But the sad thing is I’m in a place where I don’t have access to cooking my own meals. So I have to eat out and I consider it a thrill, searching for new cool places to eat.

What I’ve noticed in my food searching adventure is whenever I consider a meal to be tasteless or waste of my money, it actually turns out mind blowing, and worth it. And whenever I hope for a delicious meal, it becomes bland and tasteless.

Funny thing is how my mind related this with my relationship with humans. So the thing is, whenever I come across a person who seem to be nice and friendly, the long lasting friendship I expect, sadly never comes to pass. But with cases of those I consider bitchy, annoying or stupid at first, they usually turn out to be good friends.

But of course, this is not absolute. It doesn’t apply to everyone I’ve met. Some nice ones remained nice, some fools didn’t shade out their foolishness.

Well that aside, another thing that has crossed my mind is the new trend going on among youths. It’s all over the social media. Posts on how one is tryna cut people off. Posts on fake friends, haters and the likes. Okay, true, fake friends exists. Backstabbers, liars and haters. Yes, not everyone will like you. But what I want to bring up is this; I want you to ask yourself these simple questions.

“Why is it that people don’t like me?”

“Why am I loosing friends?”

“Why do so many people hate me?”

“Why do I feel negative vibes from people all the time?

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow, but you have to accept it anyway. The universe will seem to be against you, if you don’t grow and make yourself better. Sometimes, we are the toxic ones in the relationship. Sometimes, we are the liar, backstabber, hater. Sometimes, we are the jealous, envious ones. Sometimes, we are the proud ones worth cutting off. Sometimes, we are the bad energy.

We need to create a time for self reflection. A time when you sit down and tell yourself the hard truth. We tend to deceive ourselves most times. So when we mess up and loose friends, we go with the “I’m cutting y’all off” “No bad vibes” “Haters, will be haters”. Well sissy, well bro…you need to grow the (inserts something they say in the movies) up.

This adult life you need people by your side. Irrespective of how they may piss you off, you still need them one way or the other. No, I’m not saying you should allow all sorts of people in your life and give room for negative energy.

My point is, you need to realize when you’re the one at fault and then you need to suck up your pride, apologize and set things right. What’s that thing they say about being the bigger person? This may seem like a lot to take in and digest but don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You’ll learn someday.

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