Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

No blue sky at dusk.

It was as if someone had sprinkled a little bit of magic in the air, that moment when I caught his glance. He was breathtaking and pleasingly handsome. Head to toe, he had the demeanour of my future husband. He stood at the counter of the supermarket, looking but not seeing. It seemed like his mind was faraway. I keenly scanned his fingers, no ring or sign there’s been a ring. I quickly picked up the toiletries I came to buy. Adjusted my silky gown, pampered my face and wore a smile. “This 28 year old lass is going to land herself a man” I thought to my self. And yeah, I went to shoot my shot. I approached with a cool calm, perfectly masking my excitement and feelings, of course I wasn’t going to mess it up.

“Hey there” I greeted. “Hi there”. He replied with a smile. Ohhhhh, fresh breath, perfect set of teeth and his fingernails were so trim and white. This guy was just making me fall deeper in my feelings. I observe everything, I notice everything. He’d been standing at the counter for quite some time, so I asked him why. His reply was that his card had been declined and he tried a bank transfer but there was no network with the bank, hence, he was stranded. It was his problem but I considered it my opportunity to make known that I’m the perfect future wife he needs. So, in good faith I paid for his stuff together with mine. Was it a pain? not really, only I had to forfeit the purse I wanted to buy for my cousin’s wedding.

After paying for him, he was immensely grateful and he expressed it. He promised he was going to pay me back and reward me for my kind gesture. I wanted to say that there’s going to be plenty of shared bills in the future but “you’re welcome” I said and gave him my number. He offered to give me a ride and that’s how I entered my love story.

True to his words, he paid me my money back. After that day, we went on a lot of dates. Went for lunches that turned into late nights. He was a busy man but he was never too preoccupied with his hustle to not have time for me. I fell in love with the million little things he did. He had all the signs and knew just how to tell them. I had already changed the details of my relationship status and I didn’t join my single friends to lament about their situation. I was out here thinking I’ve found the perfect man and we will have an amazing wedding, make beautiful babies, travel the world together and have our love story published in the front page of a magazine. But what can I say, life is a pot of beans. I can speak of this now, because I have healed. Even though I have not completely moved on and I’ll never forget him, I’ve healed.

Then, I hoped and hoped that he was thinking of a perfect way to propose to me. So the day he called me and told me to get ready and meet him up at one luxurious restaurant, I thought that was the day he was going to propose to me. I continued to hope, when I went and waited for hours and he didn’t show up. I was still hoping, when I called him and he didn’t pick up. I could only hope that it was all part of his perfect plan to propose to me. But dashed were those hopes, when I received a call that broke my heart. It crushed my soul, just the way my man had been crushed by a dilapidated trailer that fell on his car, on his way to our date.

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