Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

My first deliverance session

I was just barely 10, frail, slender but I had a bad mouth. I could insult anybody and everybody.
So my parents especially my mum thought I had witch.

She then carried me to a special church known for casting out demons. We went for their three days before resumption deliverance for young witches.

There was this fat woman, oh God! She was so fat, with thick arms and a coarse voice. She was a she-man!

This woman will come to you if you’re not praying and by praying; I mean shaking head up and down, like you’re suffering from an epileptic attack.

I was forming gentle prayer to the Lord, when this woman came for me. She began to spit into my face. “Die by fire” “Die by fire” “Come on, pray!”

I was still forming boss, be like say my obanje strong. Her strong minty breath did not budge me. I continued my silent prayer. Inwardly praying  to God to rescue me from the woman.

The woman saw I wasn’t budging. Determined, she  decided to shake the demon out of me. She did this all in the name of joining hands in prayer. That didn’t work either. I was stubborn and I was’nt going to let the woman have her way. I wasn’t going to fall.

My dear, I regretted it. That’s how the woman called like three other energetic people. Two strong men and a fellow woman with big ikebe.
They all joined hands in prayer 🤧

From left, right they began dragging me like I was a piece of meat. Spit rained on me from different angles. At a point, I was begging the demon to just kukuma, leave me.

Last last, my bones weakened, from the push and pull, the noise and chaos.
So I fell, flat. They jubilated and started praising God.
The demon had left.

What pained me pass, was that the other children were looking at me like I was cursed or something, even my own sisters.
My mother sef, hesitated to pick me up.

After that round of deliverance, they took me for counselling. To teach me how to prevent my demon from coming back.
Little did they know, that those demons never left!

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