Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

How far can I go to get what I want? Very far.

If you know me, you will know about my undying addiction for “Munch It” one munch two munch nonstop munch, yeah that’s it. After I left Lagos for my home in Warri, if there was one thing that made me want to come to back that hell of a state was the munch it that was easily available.

In Warri, you can count the number of stores that sold that crunchy delight. It was hard to find; it was so scarce. One day, I was tossing around in bed, bored and looking for inspiration. I had some change on me, so wanted to grab a snack and by snack, I mean “Munch It” I want to my favorite store. My favorite store because it’s the only one that sold my favorite snack, but my face went bland when I saw that she didn’t open. I didn’t give in to despair, I decided to try the other stores in my neighborhood.

“I nor get” “wetin be munch it” “e don finish oh” all these were the replies I got before stopping at a very small kiosk “migwo ma, mama you get munch it” I called out. “I get am” she said in a tome that suggested that I was asking a stupid question.  My heart fluttered with joy. I handed her the 200 naira note. “Ah! I nor get change oh” How can she not have 50 naira, I thought. “Okay don’t worry ma, bring two” She nodded her head firmly insisting she did not have change.

I was getting confused, is it that this woman didn’t know the price of munch it again or what. She then came out with something in her hand that threw me off balance completely. I stood there, mouth open, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.  She came out with matches.

I should have just turn back home, maybe grabbed gala or chin-chin along the way but I’m a stubborn mule. What I want is what I get! I decided to leave my neighborhood and go to other places. Mind you, I was doing this on foot. I walked in a linear direction, stopping at stores, kiosks and supermarkets situated by the right-hand side of the double express way, but all their answers were in negative.

A voice was just telling me Annabelle, go back home I didn’t lock the gate properly. But my legs were relentless, they moved forward even though my brain didn’t want it to. I was 2km away from home if was to board a bike, I would pay a fair fare of 150. Transportation is very cheap in delta state therefore 150 for bike is tending towards the high side so I’m guessing you can do the math to get my location. If you can’t, here is it, I was far from home, very far!

I found myself three neighborhoods away from mine, the sun was gradually turning orange, the cool evening breeze blew on my face. My legs were already getting tired, and so was I. I entered a shop, scanning around to see if I would sight my munch it, I asked the nursing mother “Good evening aunty, please you get munch it”. Then my eyes fell on the green and yellow goodness hanged up on a provision store. I left the shop swiftly with quick steps, almost tripping. I went to the other woman’s shop. Her shop seemed magically, there were packs of munch it, varieties of biscuits, sweets, candies, chocolates. If you go there without having anything in mind, you’d obviously be lost for choice. I bought two of tiny munch it, after impatiently waiting to be attended to.

Sparing no time for delayed gratification, I was about to open a pack, when I heard a very familiar horn. I thought to ignore it, a few seconds ticked by and a car pulled up horning behind me “Annabelle!” the familiar voice of my mother, rang out. I turned to see the quizzical look on her face, and an amused smirk on my brother’s. I followed my mother’s eyes as she looked at my face, my legs and settled on the munch it on my hand. I swear I heard her whisper a sarcastic “ohh” she shot me a “get in!” which I did. We had a silent, tension filled ride home. But to cut the long story short, I was forced to sit and watch my brother and mother devour the two packs of munch it, I walked so hard to get!

Reflecting on this story, I realize that to succeed in what you are doing or what you plan to do. You need tenacity, you need resilience. People will tell you ‘NO’ 99 times, but don’t settle till get that yes. You will knock on many doors and many doors will be shut at your face but don’t quit, don’t stop till you meet the one that will let you in. Know in your heart that rejection is part of the race, it is inevitable. But that does not mean, you should stop creating, you should stop pushing, you should stop working forward. Don’t worry, your story won’t end like mine did, but just know that no matter the rejection, there is always one person that’ll say yes.



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