Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

It wasn’t a stupid show afterall.

Over the last few years, I almost got insane from the noise that went on about Game of thrones, both on social media and in the physical word. My best friend would cuddle up next to me, earplugs in, eyes fixed on screen, sometimes giggling, most times crying but all the time, watching game of thrones. Yet, I didn’t flinch, I was part of 1% population who boasted of not watching a single episode, hated on the show and screamed the word “overrated”. But in April 2019, with the premiere of the season finale, I decided to give the show a trial. I wanted to find out what the fuss was all about. Then, my watch began. As soon as Ned Stark’s head fell, I knew this wasn’t an ordinary show.

It has been fun really, the thrill of dodging spoilers on twitter and ignoring negative comments from G.O.T naysayers and not getting completely carried away with the euphoria the film brings. I got familiar with these unique G.O.T characters. I can’t say I love them all but I certainly learnt from all of them. And I’m happy to share my lessons.

From Ned Stark,

I learnt the deals of being a person of integrity, a person worthy of trust.

From Catelyn Stark,

I learnt that as a mother; never leave your children even for the fight for vengeance.

From Rob Stark,

I learnt to set my priorities right and never look down on a promise made, even the littlest of them.

From Theon Greyjoy,

I learnt that it’s never too late to turn back from a wrong path and as long as you’re alive you can learn from your mistakes and right your wrongs.

From Ser Davos,

I hope to imbibe his social skills in terms of marketing and negotiation.

From Missandie,

I learnt to be a supportive friend.

From Greyworm,

I learnt to stay loyal to my course and never to bite the hand that feeds me or forget the ladder that will rise me to the top.

From Tormund,

I learnt how to move on from rejection and respect people’s wishes even if it hurts me.

From Brienne of Tarth,

I learnt to never conform. To love and be myself regardless of society’s perspectives and norms.

From Littlefinger,

I learnt how to make things work together to my advantage. How to view and deal with people, expecting nothing and everything.

From Varys,

I learnt the power of foresight and how cool it is, if you spit bars. I’ve also learnt that jumping from one place or one person to another when it’s get uncomfortable will eventually cost you your life.

From Margery Tyrell,

I learnt the power and art of seduction.

From The Hound,

I learnt there is good in every bad. A light in every darkness

From Ramsey Bolton,

If you become an animal, you might as well die as one.

From Jamie Lannister,

If you don’t care about millions of people or even yourself, genuinely care for at least one person and then you don’t cross the threshold of being a beast.

From Robert Baratheon,

I learnt never to be too callous about everything.

From Lynna Mormount,

I learnt that you’re never too little to make a difference. Age is just a number.

From Oberyn Martell,

I’ve learnt that the battle against evil isn’t over until it’s over.

From Tywin Lannister,

I’ve learnt the power of networking.

From the High Sparrow,

I learnt that religion is power.

From Melisandre,

I learnt that it’s easy to be carried away with lies under the guise of religion.

From Lord Walder Frey

I’ve learnt that karma is a bitch.

From Tully Blackfish,

I’ve learnt that home is where your treasure should lie.

From Stannis Baratheon,

Always give in to reason.

From Sir Bron of Black water,

I learnt that selfishness is needed sometimes.

From Joffery Baratheon,

If you’re a shitty person, I’ve learnt that sooner or later, people will get tired of your shit.

From Samwell Tarly,

Don’t give in to other’s perception of you, always go on to pursue your dreams.

From The Night King,

Be rich and get people do all the dirty works for you.

From Bran Stark,

I’ve learnt that precious ideas and visions should be kept secret until it’s come to actualization.

From Podrick Payne,

I’ve learnt that being sweet and loyal will sit you before kings.

From Cercei Lannister,

I’ve learned to be strong. To suppress my emotions in the face of my adversary. I’ve learnt to get up when life knocks me down.

From Tyrion Lannister,

Be smart, be wise. You may not have the strength or size of other men, therefore have what they lack.

From Sansa Stark,

I learnt art of learning from your enemies, and how to live the life of “once bitten twice shy.”

From Arya Stark,

Never forget those who harmed you but know there is more to life than vengeance.

From Jon Snow,

Every action got consequences no matter the motive but always do the right thing.

From Dany,

Always believe in yourself. You can achieve anything you put your heart to do. Also, the distinction between good and evil is a slippery bitch. Always watch yourself, lest you fall into the darkness you never imagined you’d be in.

And that’s it guys. I’ve learnt a lot from game of thrones aside lessons from the characters’ lives. Generally, the production was a proof that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Another life lesson; You may get 99.9% of things done right but a 0.01% mistake, is what the world will focus on and taunt you for. Sad I know.

For seven seasons, G.O.T served us an excellent & flawless production but a starbucks cup, a show of hand, and an unlabelled water bottle tainted the perfect picture of the show. Nevertheless, a big thumps up to the cinematographers, Vfx artists, score composers and every other person behind the scenes, that told the story beautifully even when our writers failed to do that.

In conclusion, I’m happy about Game of thrones, I’m happy to have watched it, I’m happy to be alive to start and end this show. I know I’m speaking for millions when I say, “we don’t know what we gonna do now”. I hope and pray that another series will come and fill the void that Game of Thrones has left in our hearts.

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