Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Interview with art personified.

From making wall brackets out of cassava stems, artworks with stones and papers, and capturing the world with her exceptional photography. She is gradually making a legacy out of a hobby. Rare, beautiful and pleasing to the soul, are the few words you can use to describe her works. What are we waiting for, let’s meet this glorious artist.

Can we get to know you?

My name is Eloho Tanho Attah. I was born in Delta state, Nigeria. I’m 29. I graduated from Babcock university. I have a honours in business administration.

Why did you pursue a degree in business administration and not art?

I didn’t go to get the degree for a career in business administration. I just wanted the knowledge of business because I already knew I was going to do business in arts. What I had in mind before, was to go straight into the art business, at that time – fashion designing. But I wasn’t equipped with the business know how, and my parents wanted me to get a degree. So I felt the best way to use my time, and the knowledge I’ll need from school, will be business administration. That’s what I did.

So you know art is relative, what are the negative or positive comments you’ve gotten for your art?

I haven’t really gotten any negative comments. I won’t call them negative comments rather misunderstood comments. People usually don’t say “This is ugly or this is bad”. If anything, they don’t just get it. So, if a person doesn’t understand my art, it’s my choice to either explain it to them so they can see what I’m seeing. Or if I don’t think its necessary for them to see it, I just say ” ehya, this person doesn’t get it” but I’ve never really had anybody come to me and say “this is terrible” or anything like that. This is because, the kind of art I do is centered on beauty and if it’s beautiful, it’s difficult to fault it. It’s just that someone can’t understand it.

Have you ever lost an artwork or gotten any of your creative piece thrown away?

Well, I have had things that have been misplaced but I’m a life artist. I’m an artist that is inspired by life. When I’ve done something, I’m not as emotionally attached to it as I am to life. My art is an expression of the life I live. So, therefore I can move on from something really quickly but I can appreciate it for the rest of my life. Even if I don’t have it physically with me, my satisfaction has already been established because I have created it. So even if I don’t see it, I can always have it in my heart because. It came from there.

Apart from natural art, what other things do you do?

Well apart from natural art, what I do is based on aesthetics. What I essentially do is “show and tell”. If I see something that I think it’s beautiful. I find the best medium to show it. For example, if I see a fabric that I find beautiful, I look for the best way to show it. If I think it will be best in a dress, therefore my art comes out in fashion. If I think it will be best in a wall hanging, then my art comes out as that. Basically, what I do is to show beauty in it’s best form. That’s why I get to sing and write as well because if I get a story that inspires me in a way, I can either write it out as a book or a song. All of these arty things are simply aesthetics.

Professionally, what do you call yourself?

I’m an aesthetician.

For the purpose of our readers who may not know, who is an aesthetician?

An aesthetician is somebody that understand the concept of beauty and expresses it in the best way possible. More so, an aesthetician can be in any field of life as long as beauty exists in that field.

This is a cliché question but what are your plans for the future?

The plan I have for the future is to make it possibly for people all over the world to have access in one way or the other, to the art that I do. It can be a gallery, which we already have the works for. The plan is for people, all over the world to come to our home and see the things I’ve created, engage in them, experience them and it’ll inspire them to make their lives better.

Wow, we can’t wait.

Random question, are you married?

Yes, I’m happily married.

Well, this can be a heartbreaker for those already in love with this amazing lady. But nevertheless I can assure you that we’ve not heard the last of her. To check out more of her creative works or to get in contact with her, you can follow her on Instagram @eloho.ta

All the images in this publication are the intellectual properties of Mrs. Eloho Tanho Attah.

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