Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

I’m Black.

I’m black,
Inside out.

Fear not,
I won’t steal your purse.

I’m black
It’s the color of my skin
My way of being.

Keep your stereotypes in the bin
I don’t own a gun or smoke sum’

Should I beg?
That you respect me.

Merit not on the colour of the skin
But on the comprehension of my mind
And the substance of my character.

I can fly a plane
Or play a guitar,
Being black shouldn’t stop me.

I can go to Harvard
Or own a beach resort,
Being black shouldn’t stop me.

I should have coffee at Starbucks
And get corrected for my wrong.

I should live without fear of being gunned,
Being black shouldn’t kill me.

Black is exotic
White is beautiful
I hope in this world of complexities
Unity can exist too.

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