Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Beyond The Life We See

Are we ever who we are? Or are we simply a version of ourselves that fits into our situations. The ones we look up to are playing a game, a game we are willingly falling into. Is it for a lack of knowledge? Or for our need to look up to a better life?

Contrary to public opinion, we are never who we are, we are more. Some of us are cut between a life ”for” and a life ”with”. What we are for ourself and what we are with those we love and respect. Finding a balance becomes an everyday job, it becomes an extra burden, a burden that we cannot carry, not alone. For us, life becomes a game. We become a version ourselves for our well being and quickly become a version that please the one’s we love with their presence.

People often forget how to live for the fear of living too well, or for the fear of not being enough. No other set of people live life like it is a game than our elites, our celebrities, the one’s we call ”not human”. The ones we look up to and call gods. For them, life works like it is a game, like it exists in two, three, ways.

After a movie set, an actor becomes himself. Yes, he just acted, he just took up a role. With current studies and look into the lives of our celebrities, it is safe to say these people are actors, good ones. They take up roles at different occasions. Roles that they play so well, it is almost impossible to find holes in their stories. They feed us the ”balance” speech but if it was ever about balance, one wouldn’t have to be a different person at home and another away from home.

It took a long time to find out most of our idolized celebrities are actually suicidal. The question we ask is; how is someone so full of life, so beautiful, so handsome, so rich and so perfect become suicidal. How does fame bring sadness? Or simply never brought joy.

How does someone so knowledgeable fall into a spiral of depression, how do they become addicts.

Recent studies has shown that a lot of addicts in reputable rehabilitation centers are rich and famous, most of whom seemed like they had the ”perfect” life.

I won’t be wrong if I conclude, that there is no perfect life, it simply does not exist. But this is where we all get lost and confused, if there is no perfect life, what are the ones we look up to good for? I mean if they cannot satisfy our need to look up to a life better than ours, why look up to them at all?

Out of curiosity and for research purposes, I looked into the lives of celebrities. From YouTube stars to music stars, actors and presenters, down to the super humans in sports. What I found is quite disturbing, more disturbing because it has become a recent norm. All those who carry the name ”star” has a management, not the contemporary management. But the ones who deal with how these stars act, what they wear, what they say and how they say it, basically how they are publicly accepted. This simply means, that they have a public personality and a private one. A celebrity with a ”not so good reputation might be a very easy going person with a sweet heart”, one with a reputation for kindness might just be the worst of men. We never can tell.

A lot of celebrity suicide took us by surprise, a lot of unveiling after the death of these people made us realise we have no clue who they are.

With them, life is a game and with us, life belongs to them. So our lives revolve around a game. An elaborate game that we are willingly playing.


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