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Hi, dear reader. I’m so glad you visited this site. This is an amazing place to be if you are lover of literature, art and poetry.

With words, pictures and emotions, we will quench your thirst for knowledge, inspiration, motivation and support.

The Writer’s Base is an online outlet for writers to express and give of themselves. And for readers to enjoy and satisfy their thirst for a relatable write up.

If you spill ink on paper then you should know;

We are breaking the system that disallows writers to gain from their creativity.

We are breaking the system that makes writers unwilling to write and ashamed of their works.

We are creating a better system for writers via our platform. Interested? send us an email now!

We are open to all writers, regardless of age, location and nationality.


We hope that you will come on board and take a journey with us.

This is just the beginning of our story     Buckle up and begin your journey.

The writers base is here to set the world on fire with words that will quench your thirst

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