A long time ago

Seated beside each other
Eating from the same plate
Pieces of meat scattered in the soup
All hands going as fast as they can.

Slow eaters not getting enough
Fast eaters on the prowl
The pieces of meat staring at the younger ones
But not to be taken before the older ones
Dinner and talking going hand in hand,
So it was a long time ago.

Girls waking up early
Rushing to the stream with clay pots on their heads

Boys on their way to the farm with axes and cutlass on their shoulders

So it was a long time ago

Children coming together in the evening
Stories told by the fathers and mothers
Moral lessons with each story
So it was a long time ago

A long time ago where in there was no internet or technology
Where there were no phones and there was a sense of responsibility.

When physical families and friends mattered more than the virtual social groups.

A long time ago when girls respected their virginity and boys their dignity.

A long time ago when everyone mattered. Where scandals were rare and beefing frowned at. Songs and music promoted decency.

Yes, this was a long time ago. Oh let these values be brought back to our world.

A world of the present times
Where girls would have self respect and self worth
And boys stand tall in dignity.
Where mothers knew their daughters
And fathers talked to their sons
Where siblings were best friends and friends were known by all.

A world where in it was not a long time ago

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